EMPLOYS (‘ERASMUS+ Understanding, Evaluating, and Improving Good Governance’) is a collaborative project running from January 2020 to December 2022. The aim of EMPLOYS is to improve good governance in the employment relations of athletes in Olympic sports by providing, evaluating and sharing evidence based information, practices and recommendations in an important, yet largely neglected, subdomain of sport and governance. The project partners consist of five academic partners and two practice-oriented partners, EU Athletes being one of the latter.

EMPLOYS is structured around the following specific goals (attained through different phases and methodologies):

  1. Understanding – establishing an evidence base of the legal and socio-political landscape defining the employment relations of athletes in Olympic sports in 29 European countries and the European Union;
  2. Evaluating – assessing the current practice across the continent; 
  3. Improving – formulating and implementing concrete policy recommendations for key stakeholders.

Throughout the project, there will be six Multiplier Sport Events. Read more about EMPLOYS and each MSE here.