National platforms have been set up in line with the Council of Europe Macolin Convention for the fight against manipulation activities. This represents an important step in the prevention, investigation and sanctioning of manipulation of competition. The national platforms have expressed the need to have trustworthy and efficient reporting policies to allow and promote stakeholders to provide information. MotivAction was developed to address this need. 

The MotivAction project gathers six national platforms, three sport stakeholders representative organisations (athletes, coaches, and referees) and an international and multidisciplinary group of experts to (1) better understanding how to empower athletes, referees, and coaches to report manipulation, (2) designing and implementing national action plans for effective reporting mechanisms and whistleblowing policies at national levels, and (3) producing general knowledge on how to implement reporting policies in national sporting contexts. 

EU Athletes will together with one member of the expert team visit the Greek and Cypriot platforms in the Autumn of 2022 and 2023 to assess the progress of the action plan implementation. The project runs from 2022 to 2024.