EU Athletes PDM project

he project will improve the way 27 player associations in membership of EU Athletes offer support and advice on dual careers to 12,000 elite athletes in 12 countries. It will promote a good governance model to player associations based on Player Development Managers (PDMs) as the regular proactive interface with their players.

The project includes exchange visits for individuals from 19 associations from 12 countries. This will allow key staff to learn from different associations and improve their own services – both structurally and through the skills set of staff.  This will be supported by a training seminar in February 2014 to maximise the usefulness and the appropriateness of the exchanges. All participants will need to produce a report for their associations after each exchange.

A three day training conference for all 27 members of EU Athletes will be held in Finland in early 2015 to share the best practice developed during the exchanges and to promote the concept of PDMs and EU Guidelines on Dual Careers.


Finally a paper and electronic booklet aimed at player associations for promoting dual careers and PDMs will be produced and disseminated to all member player associations.

Duration : 13 months (between 2014 – 2015)

Budget : 194,038€

1 : Kick off meeting in Brussels

2 : Training Seminar in Brussels

3 : Exchange visits

4 : Feedback reports

5 : Planning Meeting in Finland

6 : Big Conference in Finland

7 : Production of Booklet on Best Practice for PDMs and dual careers

8 : Wrap up meeting in Brussels