PROtect Integrity Catch-up Round Table – Stockholm

PROtect Integrity Catch-up Round Table – Stockholm

On the 25-26th of April in Stockholm, the third and final Catch-up Round Table has taken place. Besides being an opportunity for 10 participating player associations to give a feedback about the implementation of the project and discuss with the staff, it was focused on problem gambling within professional athletes. During the workshop led by an expert from Sporting Chance Clinic

Following the presentation, round table and discussion, participants explored the areas such as education, player welfare, recognizing and dealing with gambling problem, the need for improved sport governance and the recognition of player welfare in order to properly deal with the issue.

The next meeting organized under Erasmus+ 2016 PROtect Integrity project – the Dissemination Conference, will take place in Barcelona, Spain, 25-27th of September 2017.




Like every year on the 15th of April, this Saturday we will be showing our commitment to tackle match fixing in sport with the #EUSportIntegrityDay.

Match-fixing is widely regarded as one of the major threats to sport. It undermines the values of sport such as integrity, fair play, respect for others and have a negative impact on the life of people involved in sport.

Tackling match-fixing requires strong and organised cooperation between the different stakeholders (sports organisations, police, governments, supporters, NGO’s, coaches, athletes themselves and others).

If this issue is not properly addressed, organized sport will lose its credibility and support from fans.

This is why #EUSportIntegrityDay is open to everyone who is committed to figh match fixing. It is designed to:

– raise awareness amongst stakeholder and everyone who loves sport

– reinforce the key education messages about sports betting integrity

– showcase the good practice in the fight against match fixing demonstrate a public commitment to prevent match fixing harming our sports