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EU Athletes vice-president one of the speaker at the EU Sport Forum in Lille

Jun 17, 2022 | European Union

The European Commission organised its annual sport gathering  the #EUSPORTFORUM in Lille (France) on June 16 and 17.  During two days, sports stakeholders from around Europe shared their views on the future of sport policy in Europe.
This event was also an opportunity for EU Athletes to participate in the discussions. EU Athletes Vice-President, Natalia ORIVE, participated in a panel  on “Athletes empowerment” early Friday morning.

“If you’re not bargaining, your begging” Natalia ORIVE, EU athletes Vice-president.

During her presentation she highlighted the importance of independant athletes association in the decision making processes as a way to improve the governance of sport organisation and empower athletes.

We have seen some progress in the recent year but the situation is still not ideal. The Covid pandemic is a clear indicator of athletes’ empowerment. In a lot of sports and countries basics health and safety measures were not even discussed with players. In 2022 it’s not acceptable anymore”  and she added “EU Athletes has long been striving to ensure that the athletes we represent enjoy the same fundamental rights as any other European citizen and worker. This includes the rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining, which together lay the foundation for athlete empowerment”.