PROtect Integrity Plus: Red Button App introduced to players around Europe

Jul 20, 2018 | PROtect Integrity

PROtect Integrity Plus Erasmus+ project coordinated by EU Athletes aims to support the efforts to fight match-fixing by introducing the Red Button reporting App to more than 3 000 athletes in 5 sports in 7 European countries. The App was initially developed by the Finish Football Players Association (JPY) and FIFPro, who are involved in the project. The new version of the App, adapted for the project partners, have just been rolled out in June 2018. Upcoming months will be busy for the project partners, 8 player associations who will now implement the project within their membership during the team visits. The App will be introduced to players during the education sessions on sport betting integrity and match-fixing, while the system and its functionning will be explained to them. The education is supported and further disseminated by the recently updated posters and leaflets in different language versions, as well as the social media campaign.