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EU Athletes at the EU Sport Forum

Apr 17, 2024 | European Union

The EU Sport Forum is an annual event organised by the European Commission to support the structured dialogue with the sport stakeholders. It is a key event offering a platform allowing sport organisations, representatives of the EU Institutions and Member States to exchange views on the current and future sport policies. This year´s Forum took place in Liege, Belgium, on the 16th and 17th of April and gathered more than 350 participants. It focused on some of the most topical issues in the sport sector, such as integrity, sustainability and gender equality.

EU Athletes was actively involved in the event, representing the views of the organised athletes. Our General Secretary took part in the panel discussion ¨Fair play: integrity and values of athletes¨ alongside experts from organisations such as UNODC and the Council of Europe. Paulina presented the PROtect Integrity Online project, emphasising the work that the player associations are doing to fight against match-fixing. She also spoke about the issues such as the lack of respect of athlete rights, including freedom of association and labour rights, and poor governance, that need to be addressed to protect the integrity of athletes and sport.