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Celebrating 10 years of EU Sport Integrity Day

Apr 18, 2024 | PROtect Integrity

Each year the 15th of April marks the #EUSportIntegrityDay, providing an opportunity to speak out against match fixing and reaffirm commitment to safeguarding the integrity of sport. Initiated by EU Athletes in 2014, the campaign has steadily expanded over the last 10 years and received support from various stakeholders, including player associations, sport federations, public bodies, as well as organisations such as UNODC, European Lotteries or IBIA.

For athletes, the consequences of match fixing can be profound, impacting their reputations and potentially jeopardising their careers. Athlete and player associations continue to be actively engaged in educating athletes about combating competition manipulation, empowering them to identify fixers and promptly report any suspicious activity.

Together with 8 player associations in Europe, EU Athletes is implementing an Erasmus+ project PROtect Integrity Online co-funded by the European Union. Since the beginning of the project in February 2023, more than 2800 players have received education on fighting against match fixing and corruption in sport. By the end of the project, the match fixing education will be delivered by player associations to at least 5,800 athletes in Europe through the blended face-to-face and online approach.


Join us in safeguarding our sports and make your stand against match fixing on #EUSportIntegrityDay every year.