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New President of EU Athletes elected !

Oct 31, 2017 | Executive Meetings

During the last Board meeting of EU Athletes, which has taken place at the Gaelic Players Association’s office in Dublin, Brendon Batson has been elected the President of EU Athletes. Natalia Orive has been elected as Vice President. They both have received a strong support from the Board, as their candidatures have been approved unanimously for 2-years terms.

For Brendon Batson, who is also the Chairman of Professional Players Federation (PPF): “It is a great honor to have been elected as the President of EU Athletes and taking over this position from Yves Kummer, who has done an impressive job over the last 10 years. Working with PPF for several years, I have seen that player unions can really make a difference and improve the players’ situation. I believe that EU Athletes has a great potential to bring further positive changes for the professional athletes around Europe, which has already been proven by various successful projects and initiatives”.

Natalia Orive, from the Spanish Female Futsal Player Association (AJFSF), who was the first woman to join the EU Athletes Board when she was elected in 2016, said: “I’m looking forward to continuing the work for EU Athletes’ members and cooperating with Brendon, the Board and the staff. Our experience shows that being a part of the European organization has been beneficial for the national unions and I’m happy to be further involved within EU Athletes leadership”.

Next EU Athletes Board meeting will take place in November in Amsterdam and will focus on the appointment of the new General Secretary and other elements related to the transition period within the organization.