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PEAK Erasmus+ Project for the future of coaching

Nov 29, 2019 | Projects

We are a proud partner of PEAK, an international project coordinated by the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), aiming to develop coaching policy recommendations for use by sport federations, coaching bodies and governments. EU Athletes is collaborating with a unique consortium of expert partners, including the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE), German Sport University Cologne, Finnish Olympic Committee, Sport Ireland Coaching, Swiss Federal Institute of Sport, and the Foundation of Sport Education and Information in Estonia to offer a comprehensive portrait of coaching and coach education across Europe and beyond. PEAK started on January 2019 and it is planned to run until December 2021.

The main objective of the project, founded by European Union ERASMUS+ programme, is to promote and support good governance in sport, focusing on four pivotal key aspects:

  • The coaching system at the organisational and national levels (education, licensing, recruitment, ethics, representation, working conditions, quality assurance);
  • Voluntarism in coaching;
  • Opportunities for women in coaching;
  • The regulation of coaching.

The project will be led by 6 crucial questions about new policies and their decision-making process in Europe, outlining the roles, responsibilities and status of coaching; as well as going through best practices to include coaching development in sports organizations’ strategies, to increase opportunities for women and to enhance the effectiveness of good governance measures.

The final result of the project consists in the production of 7 documents that will go beyond the 6 guiding questions to provide evidence based foundation for the project; determine criteria for inclusion of the examples of good practice; gather examples of coaching policies in European countries; present model policies related to the different elements of a coaching system and a set of policy recommendations; support organizations to assess the current status of their coaching system and related policies; provide European sport federations, governments and coaching organizations with a recommended process to collaboratively develop coaching policy.

Check out the brand new website at  www.peak-coachingeu.com for updates and make sure to follow PEAK on Twitter and Facebook