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PROLead, the new Erasmus+ project to shape athletes’ leadership skills kicks off

Jan 29, 2020 | Projects

On the 28th of January the kick-off meeting of PROLead, the new 3-years project funded by the Erasmus+ Program, took place in Amsterdam. PROLead aims to improve dual career opportunities for professional athletes by providing tailored leadership training for current and retired athletes.

EU Athletes is responsible to coordinate the 9 partners taking part into the project, which are: Professional Players Federation (PPF), Gaelic Players Association (GPA) Rugby Players Ireland (RPI), Ube Union Basketteurs d’Europe (UBE), The Cyclists’ Alliance (TCA), Fédération Nationale des Associations et Syndicats de Sportifs (FNASS), Asociación de Jugadores y Jugadoras de Voleibol (AJJV), Asociacion de Jugadores de Futbol Sala (AJFS), Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln (DSHS).  

Running for 3 years, until December 2022, the project is structured in three main phases:

  • The review of current leadership education for athletes across Europe and identify good practices for teaching leadership to players;
  • The design and delivery of a European-wide one-year leadership education course for player association staff and volunteers;
  • The design and delivery of 7 national leadership programs for athletes in 6 different countries. 

Innovation is an important aspect that differentiates the program, as the project is athlete led, specifically tailored for their needs and focused on soft skills that will be useful on on and off the pitch. The expected outcome of PROLead is to help athletes to get a satisfying job after the professional sport careers, as well as strengthen the relationship between players and their associations, which can benefit also by reinforcing their network with other players associations around Europe.

The kick-off meeting gathered all the partners of the project to discuss and outline their roles, responsibilities and strategies in order to successfully carry out the project.