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ProMobility project concludes with the Good Practice Booklet

Dec 19, 2022 | Projects

ProMobility project, financed by the European Union and focusing on exchanges and mobility between staff of player associations from Europe and South Africa, was implemented by EU Athletes between January 2021 and December 2022. The aim of the project was to support learning between player associations



The project was heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to changes in the work programme, introducing Online Exchanges and limiting the number of job shadowing visits that were implemented. Nevertheless, the project helped to identify, share and expand good practice in supporting elite athletes through their associations. The player associations participating in the project represent more than 10,000 elite athletes. Therefore, the project positively influences these players as it helps to enhance the quality of work and support that the player associations can offer them.

The main topics of the project were:

  • Player recruitment and engagement (as members of player associations)
  • Player personal development
  • Commercial development and marketing
  • Communications and media
  • Response to the Covid-19 pandemic

These topics have been explored through online and in-person exchanges between the staff of player associations and correspond to the chapters of the Good Practice Booklet. The purpose of the booklet was to gather and share good practices identified. Any athlete association or player union, as well as any other organization whose aim is to support athletes, can benefit from ideas and practical advice that has been gathered during the ProMobility project.

Consult  ProMobility Good Practice Booklet

For more information contact Paulina Tomczyk, ProMobility Project Manager paulinatomczyk@euathletes.org