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PROtect Integrity Plus Catch-Up Meeting

Feb 4, 2019 | PROtect Integrity

After one year since our Erasmus+ PROtect Integrity Plus project kicked off, project partners and staff met in Copenhagen on 22nd of January, the to asses the implementation of the project so far and discuss the upcoming actions. New WordPress Templates every day xnulls

The aim of the project is to introduce the Red Button App, allowing athletes to report anything suspicious in relation to match-fixing, to 3000 professional and elite level athletes from 7 EU countries (UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain) and 5 different sports (rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal). All the partner player associations have the reporting system set up, in partnership with National Platforms or other entities who are report receivers, and are rolling out the App to their players.

Next important steps of the project will include particularly the research led by prof. David Forrest from the University and the Dissemination Conference which will take place in October in Athens.