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EU Athletes releases its new Common Position Paper

Dec 10, 2018 | Members

EU Athletes, the European federation of independent athlete unions and associations from different sports, representing more than 25 000 individual athletes, has released the newest Common Position Paper developed and agreed by its members. A working group composed by EU Athletes members and supported by staff was created to submit a new Draft Common Position Paper that could be discussed and amended during the last General Assembly that took place in Lisbon in June 2018.

The new Common Position Paper aims to articulate European athletes’ voice on key topics such as athlete rights, good governance, economic dimension of sport, match-fixing, anti-doping, personal development and cooperation with other stakeholders. The new Common Position Paper takes into accounts recent developments and issues, formulating clear proposals and recommendations directed at European institutions, Member States and sport organizations.

For EU Athletes General Secretary Paulina Tomczyk, “EU Athletes is owned by its members and it essential for us that they got actively involved in the review of the Common Position Paper. Our goal is to improve the sport governance for the benefit of the players, but also the sport itself. In order to do so, we are looking forward to dialogue and cooperation with public and private stakeholders, to make sure that sport respects athletes’ fundamental rights as people, citizens and workers.”

You can download the document under the following link: EU Athletes 2018 Common Position Paper