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Welcome on board – Natalia Orive Siviter

Jul 15, 2022 | Executive board

About Natalia

Natalia is the vice president of EUA since 2017 and the president of AJFSF, the Spanish Futsal Players Association for women. She is also a a member of the Board Directors in the Royal Spanish Football Federation and a professional futsal player since many years.


1. What are you trying to achieve as a Board member of EU Athletes?

“I hope that we, EU Athletes, becomes bigger and will be increasingly recognized as a powerful association with an independent voice for athletes in Europe.”

2. In your view, what has been the most important achievement of EU Athletes during your time on the Board?

“The growth of members and athletes, the recognition of us in the European Commission as partners and an active voice in the representation of athletes. All the projects developed that we have done and all the associations we have helped and new ones to be created.”

3. What is in your opinion the biggest challenge that player associations are facing in 2022?

“The maintenance of our structure is very important and this is difficult because of the lack of recognition of the actual sport model. The Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath demonstrated how fundamental it is for athletes to have organisations like us to protect them and defend their rights as workers.”