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Welcome on board – Sander van der Holst

Jul 22, 2022 | Executive board

About Sander

Sander is the chairman of NL Sporter and an EU Athletes board member since 2018. He is also a former professional basketball player.


What are you trying to achieve as a Board member of EU Athletes?

We are trying to give a voice to Athletes who are not able to or do not have the knowledge, time or experience to look out for their basic rights, whether individual or collective.

In your view, what has been the most important achievement of EU Athletes during your time on the Board?

Of course everything we try to do is important and all the small things together will matter for the big picture. Every individual athlete whom we can help will hopefully be impacted in a positive way. From a collective (policy or regulatory) standpoint we will always try to influence policies where we can and by doing this, prevent wrongdoing towards our athletes. 

What is in your opinion the biggest challenge that player associations are facing in 2022?

The biggest challenge Athletes are facing is as always that organisations try to rule over the backs of athletes instead of including them in the decision making process. When decisions concern basic human rights, it is particularly important that the voice of the athletes is heard.