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Welcome on Board – Simon Keogh

Jul 29, 2022 | Executive board

About Simon

Simon Keogh is the CEO of Rugby Players Ireland (RPI), the representative body for professional rugby players in Ireland, and an EUA board member since 2013. Simon has a background as professional rugby player and is a qualified solicitor.


What are you trying to achieve as a Board member of EU Athletes?

I would like to be part of a movement that ensure players’ voices are heard and a respected stakeholder at the table. By facilitating knowledge sharing across player associations, we can learn from shared experiences and ensure that we are in the best possible position to provide meaningful representation.

In your view, what has been the most important achievement of EU Athletes during your time on the Board?

I think the facilitation and implementation of existing Erasmus programmes and being part of the application process of potential new programmes. I have seen the direct benefit in Ireland of the ProMobility and ProLead initiatives and look forward to being part of future projects for the benefit of our athletes.

What is in your opinion the biggest challenge that player associations are facing in 2022?

Recognition. I think regardless of how organised athletes are through their player association, their voice as valued stakeholders can slide down pecking order when other interests are at play.