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EU Athletes at Play the game conference

Nov 3, 2015 | Uncategorized

EU Athletes was present at the 9th edition of Play the Game, the international conference that took place 25-29th of October 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark, under the title “Global Sport – Reform or Revolution?”.

During four days, approximately 350 journalists, scientists, sport officials, representatives from governmental and non-gouvernamentales organizations amongst others congregated for more than 160 presentations. Topics such as good governance, major sporting events, anti-doping and match-fixing were engaged, resulting in interesting and rich discussions. The current global crisis of trust in sport governance had dominated the conference and was tackled from different perspectives.

The athletes’ voice was represented by Brendan Schwab, the head of UNI World Athletes. He highlighted the role of sportspeople in delivering good governance and the need of an increased accountability of the International Sport Federations towards the athletes. During the session on athletes’ views on anti-doping, the panellists reminded the audience that athletes are, first of all, people and that it should not be forgotten when implementing anti-doping measures.

More information about Play the Game 2015, including presentations, photos, videos and the Sport Governance Observer 2015 can be found on the website: www.playthegame.org/conferences/play-the-game-2015/.