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‘Making It Happen’ with UNI Global Union

Jun 21, 2018 | UNI Global

UNI Global Union World Women’s Conference and World Congress has taken place in Liverpool 14-20th of June 2018 and brought together almost 2 000 delegates from all around the World. Being affiliated to UNI Global Union as well as its regional organization UNI Europa and the sport sector World Players Organization, EU Athletes is a part of a federation of 20 million service workers from more than 150 countries. It was an opportunity to define priorities and strategy for the years to come, to recognize the progess and the exceptional achievements but also a moment of important changes in the leadership.

Ruben Cortina, the President of UNI Americas was unanimously voted in as the new president of UNI Global Union, replacing Ann Selin who has been President of UNI Global Union for four years. Christy Hoffman has been elected as the new General Secretary, taking over from Philip Jennings, who led UNI Global Union for 18 years. Patricia Nyman was elected as President of UNI Women, following the retirement of Denise McGuire who was steering it for a decade.

EU Athletes General Secretary Paulina Tomczyk had an opportunity to share the challenges and the important work that the organization is doing in the field of women’s sport and gender equality with the World Women’s Conference.