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UNI SPORT PRO Meeting in Amsterdam

Mar 11, 2014 | Uncategorized

For the 3rd time the Steering group of UNI SPORT PRO meet in Amsterdam to discuss important issues for athletes worldwide.

This week in the new FIFPRO office UNI SPORT PRO is holding his 3rd Steering committee meeting. Around the table, player associations form around the world discussing important topics and issues for professional athletes.

The first day was dedicated to a tour de table of the issues associations are facing at the moment. EUAthletes highlighted his projects on integrity and dual career with co financing from the European commission but also all the policy work that has been done in Brussels over the last year.

The second day “morning session” was focusing on integrity in sport with a EU Athletes presentation on the EPAS convention “against the manipulation of sports competitions”. Really interesting exchanges took place to define a common strategy worldwide for player associations on the implementation of the convention that could be submitted to the Council of Minister in September in 2014.

By: EU Athletes