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Welcome on Board – EUA President Brendon Batson

Jul 1, 2022 | Executive board, Members

About Brendon

Brendon Batson is the president of EU Athletes since 2017. As a former professional football player, Brendon is the Chair of Professional Players Federation (PPF).


What are you trying to achieve as a Board member of EU Athletes? 

“To encourage the growth and development of player associations.”

In your view, what has been the most important achievement of EU Athletes during your time on the Board? 

“It is difficult to highlight one particular thing but what I am pleased about is that we now have a strong, diverse and working board addressing a range of issues on behalf of our members.”

What is in your opinion the biggest challenge that player associations are facing in 2022? 

“To remain relevant to modern day athletes and to continue to be a strong voice in championing the rights of athletes.”