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Welcome on board – Marc Leroy

Jul 8, 2022 | Executive board, Members

About Marc

Marc is the national responsible for United Athletes, the only trade union in Belgium that unites athletes. He is a new EUA board member as of 2022.


What are you trying to achieve as a Board member of EU Athletes?

“We should know each other better, who’s who, and how we can support each other in the common challenges.”

In your view, what has been the most important achievement of EU Athletes during your time on the Board?

“Since I was just recently elected as board member it’s hard to reflect on my tenure but I’m really impressed with the work accomplished in the recent years.”

What is in your opinion the biggest challenge that player associations are facing in 2022?

“Even with salaries going down and pressure to perform up, it’s becoming harder to convince athletes to join a union. Athletes are under great pressure from management and individuality often takes precedence over the strong together.”