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EU Athletes at the World Players Development Conference

Apr 5, 2019 | Events, World Players Association

The third edition of the World Players Association – World Player Development Conference was hosted by FIFPro in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands from 2 – 4 April 2019

The conference brought together more than 100 of the world’s leading player development professionals and player association executives from 47 countries and more than 13 different sports to learn from internationally recognized experts. A number of EU Athletes member associations participated in the event, allowing them to exchange views and experiences with other player associations’ representatives from around the World.

This conference was a unique opportunity to share the work done in Europe on player development and dual career support for professional players and elite athletes.

“Our members at EU Athletes are at the front line when it comes to developing programs to support players on dual career issues. We have great examples in many countries including Ireland, UK, Spain or Sweden. This conference allowed everyone to share their own experience and to also collect lots of information to improve their own program. We are now looking forward to the next conference in two years”.

Paulina Tomczyk, EU Athletes General Secretary

The conference also highlighted the importance of such a forum for player associations:

“The amount of work that is being done in different countries and sports the field of player development is simply amazing and fascinating. It goes from induction seminars to face-to-face education programs or mental health support for players. We are all gaining a lot from a gathering like this one. We then can all go back to our association and evaluate what works and what can be improved. It’s really beneficial”

Camille Delzant, UNFP and EU Athletes Board Member

The next forum will take place in the U.S, in 2021.

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