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#EUSportIntegrityDay, together against match-fixing

Apr 16, 2020 | Events

Match-fixing is widely recognized as a major threat for today’s sport, undermining the integrity of the game. Because of organized crime involvement, it can put athletes and other individuals at serious danger. If not acted upon, it could destroy sports that we all love because of the loss of public faith that can be caused by corruption. Therefore, any action to promote and sustain the fight of this threat is paramount and beneficial for all the stakeholders in the sport sector, including player associations.

Every year since 2014, the 15th of April is the day dedicated to sport integrity. The #EUSportIntegrityDay, promoted by EU Athletes, is an occasion to show the commitment and make a stand against the against match-fixing. The initiative aimed at raising awareness consists of a social media campaign that can be supported by all stakeholders: public authorities, sports organizations, betting operators and regulators, athletes, coaches, referees, fans and all the other organizations and people who care about the integrity in sport.

This year, the campaign has seen a significant support, with the hashtag #EUSportIntegrityDay reaching over 800.000 potential impressions on social media on he 15th of April alone. Many player associations actively promoted the #EUSportIntegrityDay message, as well as organizations such as the European Commission, The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the International Betting Integrity Association and many others.

For more info about the campaign, you can visit the website.