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PROMobility project progresses as final Online Exchange is concluded

Jan 28, 2022 | European Union, Projects

The PROMobility project, coordinated by EU Athletes and financed by the EU under the ‘Exchanges and Mobility in Sport’ Preparatory Action, aims to develop cooperation in sport through job shadowing for the staff and volunteers at player associations in Europe and South Africa. Its goal is to improve the skills and knowledge base of key personnel at player associations, thereby enabling them to better support their athletes.

On 28th of January, the fifth and final Online Exchange took place as part of PROMobility, focusing on on Commercial development and marketing. Presentations were given on the topic by Iris Slappendel (The Cyclists Alliance), Eugene Henning and David de Villiers (My Players), and Ben Broster (Provale) – representing organisations with varying size, operation and experience. Subsequently, the participating organisations were divided into breakout rooms where they engaged in constructive discussions.

Previous Online Exchanges have dealt with Player recruitment and engagement, Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Communications and media, and Player development.

The project is henceforth entering into a much anticipated phase, as participating organisations will take part in job shadowing exchanges between March and September 2022.